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Dianne’s Little Paws.Com Special items for your PUPPY

Crate: At Walmart or PetsMart=port a crate 2 strong canvas

ALLERGIES: www.MrVitaHerbs.com ALJ stock #768-6 (runny eyes) and congestion


 l) Shampoo www.Wysong.net Nature’s Relief for puppies (for sensitive sking) , www.OKdirectpets.com It is called Plum Silky, a shampoo & conditioner  or www.AMagicalTouch.com Leave in Lustre & Silk Ultra conditioner, and Coat Magic for tangles and when company comes a little spray of Caot Magic and your dogs smells wonderful.   .

Best Shampoo:   Janes Shampoo.   by Jane Brumbaugh  called A volumizing texturizing shampoo.   352/748-0054 or 352/748-2022 or 352/446-9083  

2) Dental toy= Nylabone chew (blue with bumps)

3)www.eye envy.com for any tear staining or ODOR. It is called NR-4oz eye solution for dogs.

4)OVER 6 MONTHS TREATS=and Nutro Natural Choice crunchy treats,also apples,blueberries and carrots   Giving them their dog food out of your hand is the TREAT!

4)ear hair removal you can get at PetsMart called R-7

DOG PLUSH BEDS www.allpetfurniture.com pet dreams plush sleep-ezz pet

4)washable Pee pads, DO NOT USE PLASTIC,www.personally paws.com or www.revivalAnimal.com

5) any problems with hair, digestion, eyes, get Missing Link at PetsMart  hip problems Missing Link PLUS   and order  Cetyl M  for hip problems 1-877-266-9757 or www.cetylm.com

6)Bows for the girls, they have 3 rubber bands attach to them so it is very nice when one breaks because they are expensive. www.showoffproducts.com

I get the 5/8 single yellow ,green or red, many colors to choose from.


7) Training books by the Dog Whisper-Cesar’s Way by Cesar Millan, or Be the Pack Leader Cesar Millan

8) teeth see www.PlaqueOff.com ORDER www.nutrecare.com put in US$ or Wysongs Dentatreat  www.wysong.net   You can take a q tip and soak it in liquid  Chlorophyll.  (this is for getting tartar off their teeth, use twice a day one after they eat or in between meals.  I also put it in their water bottle, 3 squirts for large bottle. It helps intestinal health and circulatory, and a great digestive tract detoxifier.

9) heart guard green=www.petshed.com (ivermectin) 4 months = $l3.95 (start at 6 months)

10 ) frontline plus www.solapets.com 6 months supply =$l9.99 free shipping start when fleas begin outside early spring. OR www.AnimalHealth.com

11) Joint & hips in older dogs  Advanced Cetyl M order thru Dr.Roger DeHaan Vet 704/734-0061 

12) www.Spottydogtraining.com grass pee pads Walmart this is great for using during winter then they go straight to grass in spring. 

Enjoy, Diannes Little Paws.com



























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