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Your little bundle of joy is like a newborn baby.  They first need to be seen by your vet and have all the records of shots with him and the test for paracites. Do not worm them unless they have paracites. If at any time they have diarrhea, get the Coccidia test done from your vet. 

When they get home have their crate ready for them as they will need one the size of an adult and picture two in the crate, then it is big enough.  Crate him/her at night with no water , just towel to sleep on and a big toy.No collars in crates please, too easy for an accident. 

Feed them three times a day (even it out with your work schedule) and take them potty after they eat and let them walk , or you take them for a walk and they will go,praise them with dog food as a treat. NO PLASTIC PEE PADS, PLASTIC IS WORST THING A DOG CAN EAT, ALONG WITH RAWHIDE , IT BLOCKS THE INTESTINES AND THEY CAN  DIE.  Don't give them treats till they are older as they need all the nutrients from their food to build strong organs the first year. 

They are very intelligent so once you have a routein, then stick with it because these little guys love and thrive on routein.

Take them for a ride in the front seat each week(at least) When they go for a ride they won't get car sick. 

Don't take them to parks or when at the vet don't let dogs touch nose to nose, that's how diseases get passed. 

They are teething and will bite all the time, so get them cow hoofs and put toys in their mouth so when they play with  you they wont bite your hands ,replace hands with toys.

Don't pick your puppy up when it is barking or you will have a dog that barks all the time for everything. 

When you take them in to get spayed use inhalation anathesia, and if they have a hernia have them fix it at that time.  Also if they have any baby teeth have them take them out while under. 

Don't try training him and don't tell him NO constantly because just like babies they can understand some but all they want to do is play. 

Be sure and use your hands and rub their face so they don't mind grooming in the future. Use a comb to brush them as often as you can when young so they get used to it.  



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"Lily" as a puppy.