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July 6 2012

I have thought about you so much and have told myself I needed to tell you about the two most wonderful puppies in the world!!!

I have had dogs and cats before and they were loving, somewhat playful however no one has compared to Katie & Charlie. They play with toys and each other, a lot of time Charlie will not come downstairs in the morning without a toy. He is a character, when he knows we are going for a walk, he grabs a toy,

runs around a round table several times before he runs in the utility room to get his harness and leash.

Of course, it is a game, me chasing him around a round table. He usually wins. Katie has now started helping me get him, she even catches his ear and most of the time he will follow her.

I believe she thinks she is his mother. We have two round brown beds in the family room. Katie will go under one and play turtle, moving the bed with her.

They love everyone they meet. One of our neighbors who they love (she feeds them treats) calls

Them the neighborhood ambassadors. Many of our neighbors walk in the morning and evening so the pups get to see them and give them love. Both dogs can stand on two feet while moving their

Hands in excitement. Yesterday they both wrapped their hands around Clarice’s hands like they were holding on. Today they did not do it and she was disappointed. They play together all the time, making lots of noisy sounds. Charlie likes to sleep on top of the crate in their room, or in a chair or in the tiny little bed they had as babies. They are beautiful and fun. Sonny and I laugh & smile all the time. They have time clocks as they know the routine well. Today Sonny went out the utility room (which is the way we take them out to walk or go to their play yard) Katie cried and looked for him, when he came in the garage door she was so happy that she jumped into his lap and gave him wonderful love. Charlie joined her to stand and give Sonny kisses on his forehead. He loves to jump on the sofa, kiss Sonny then get down.

I could go on and on, they are wonderful, cute and beautiful. Loving and comical. I wish you could see the two legged stance they both take to greet someone. When they are on the leash and stand two legged, we relax the leash and they move around on two legs. People are amazed.

I guess you know we love them so very much!

They were groomed yesterday and I plan to take pictures. I will send you some.

I hope your sister is ok, those fires are horrible. Stay cool, this weather is very dangerous. We don’t walk the pups on the roads are driveways while the sun is out, don’t want to burn their feet.

Yes, we are very protective parents.



From: DiannesLittlePaws []
Oh Dianne, I have been thinking of you  so much !!  The “newness” of my baby girl Zeebree is even more fresh than the day I first laid eyes on her ! Bob and I both just can’t ever get enough of her, and she is SO good. My father in law was just diagnosed with terminal cancer and last week we went to visit with him in Baltimore. He wanted us to bring Zeebree which I first thought might not be such a good idea since she can get a little playful at times and he had a tube in his chest and I didn’t want her to jump on him, but we took her anyway. She immediately jumped on his lap, gave him a puppy kiss, and laid on his lap the whole time we were there, several hours. She did not even budge. My father in law was just loving it and I realized that she really sensed that he was not well and just wanted to love on him. It is amazing how smart she is ! We have a bible study at our house every Wednesday nite, and everyone fights over who is going to hold her, and of course she eats that right up. She now NEVER sleeps in her crate at nite, Bob has spoiled her and allows her to sleep in bed with us, which is something we agreed we would not do, but she won ! (I don’t mind a bit) !  I absolutely can’t even imagine our lives without her, and what an incredible blessing that she came along when she did, she is a shining baby star thanks to you !  You really know how to pick the pups that you breed because she is the sweetest, best natured, loving little pup I have ever ever ever met !! J We love you !!  Gret  3-23-10


I know you miss her, but she is such a blessing at our house! Moolah is just amazing, all thanks to you.

She is now going into her crate at night without crying. She ALWAYS looks forward to food and she is super sweet.

We just adore her. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Much love,

Hi Dianne,          8-10

He looks so adorable in his pictures! I got so excited when I saw his
picture with my name under it on the website! Thank you so much for
allowing my friend Kate and I to come into your home and meet all your
beautiful dogs and puppies. I could see how much you love them and how
well they are taken care of. I'm so relieved to know my puppy will be
spoiled and well cared for until he's ready to come home. Thank you
for easing my mind and making it possible for my family and I to bring
another puppy home. I can't wait to see him again! We're already
working on some names for him. Feel free to send me updates!

Thanks again,


Charlie is so fuzzy, he reminds me of your Lucy. It is hard to find his skin. Katie is getting a layer of what I call, fringe. It is black and highlights

the red of her base coat. She is very smart. Charlie does what Charlie wants to do. They now go up and down the stairs and love to race thru the

family room into the hall and kitchen. We have doors that can block off the living room and dining room. If we forget and leave them open,

the puppies love to run and Katie loves to go under the sofa.The benefit of having two puppies is that I have lost weight. I tell people that they don't need weight watchers, just get two puppies. I lift weights, name Katie and Charlie. Katie is still heavier than Charlie. He has caught up in length and height.We love them dearly. They are so spoiled I wish you could see them using their chairs.They run and jump into their chairs and ours. Sonny lines up the hairs in a row, two puppy chairs and two people chairs. They start at the puppy chairs and Quickly move to our chairs.  They love our neighbors, Debbie & Joe. Whey they hear Debbie's voice they go crazy wiggling and jumping. Charlie wiggles so much Debbie is concerne  she may drop him. I wonder if they remember her visiting them at your home.

Well, need to get busy and take the pups out to play.


Oh my, we are so in love with this little girl.  She is spoiled, to say the least, and what is so funny, is that Bill has spoiled her more than I.  It is so wonderful, and heartwarming to see this big grown, stoic man down on the ground talking in this cute voice, and playing with her.  He plays with her for hours.  She loves to run toward him, and then he pushes her away on the kitchen floor, so she slides, and then she runs right back for more.  She barks in that cute little voice.  It is so wonderful.  Her little personality develops more and more each day.  She is very lovey and, oh my, loves to kiss!  Thanks for working with me to make it possible that we could have her!
Mary Margaret  "Bella"

Aug 2011
Dianne, Just wanted to say hello! I think of you often and wanted to keep in touch. Time slips by so quickly. Gabby has been such a gift of love and companionship. She is my shadow and i feel naked without her warm body snuggled up to me. Gabby is the first dog I've ever had and she is such an important part of our family. I was really blessed by God the day I found your website. My In-laws lab of... 15 yrs passed away a year ago in April. They babysit Gabby anytime we go out of town and if we come over she is expected and greeted before anyone I just wanted you to know how Gabby is doing. I will send you some pics and of coarse she is on my facebook page. hope to chat with you soon. Pam Adams Atkins
Diane,   11-05-11

I am soooo happy I found you and Ava. She brings so much joy to our family!   She has the best personality and spunk!  She is a little firecracker.  Her and my lab just play play play!  

At night when it's bedtime I hear her in her play yard growling and running around playing and I just giggle.  

I have been letting Ava run around our bedroom, her safe place and Rowdy the lab is too funny trying to catch up wit her.  She is a bundle of fur running around.  It's so cute.  

They play tug a war with Rowdy's toys.  His toys are longer than Ava. Rowdy chews on her chew bones and she gives him kisses.  Rowdy is soooo good and gentle with her.  It's unbelievable.  I was watching him the other day when the cat was drinking from his water bowl and he patiently waited until he was finished.

I can't wait for her to run around the house and really be able to play.  That is going to be so funny.  Rowdy definitely won't be able to catch up with her. Ha hah ha

Thanks again for Ava and the great memories we will be having.  She is such a wonderful puppy.

I'll keep in touch.  Take care.


Sept. 10,2012

Hi just want to let you know Hanna Bell is great she's great she 4 pounds and full of spunk! she's house trained and a mommy's girl and loves to chase frogs loll when I walk her at night she tries to jump at them if she  sees them and she talks too!  love her so much she's so smart she loves to sleep in her  toy baskets loll she's spayed and microchip and the other dogs love her! we do too! thanks so much Derika

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