"LUCY'S" Nursery

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"Lucy" & "Bosworth's" puppies DOB= August 19,2013 Going home date = Oct .12, 2013

Newborns~ 3 males

"CinnaMan Jr." Male Red Liver $l,200. Photo 8-20-13 Will LOOK like our retired stud "CinnaMan" on our home page Brown nose , amber eyes

ON HOLD for Mo."Rascal" Male gold black mask imperialPhoto 8-20-13 THEY start of very dark when born, and then lighten up to a beautiful gold with black contrasting mask.

ON HOLD for Mo "Rascal"


SOLD CONGRATULATIONS !!!! Eve & Tom G. ~ Photo 9-05-13

"CinnaMan Jr." Male Red Liver SOLD ~Photo 9-05-13

ON HOLD for Mo"Rascal" Male gold Photo 9-05-13

ON HOLD for Mo "Rascal"

ON HOLD for Mo "Rascal" Photo 9-17-13

SOLD Eve & Tom Photo 9-17-13

SOLD Eve & Tom Photo 9-17-13

SOLD "CinnaMan" Jr. Male Red Liver

SOLD CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Mo. Photo courtesy of Mo. ~Photo 9-21-13

"CinnaMan Jr." Male Red Liver SOLD Photo 9-22-13 Estimated weight 7-8 lbs

"Watson" Sold to Eve ~Photo 10-02-13

"Rascal" Sold to Mo Photo 10-02-13

SOLD CONGRATULATIONS !!! Scott photo 9-22-13

SOLD CONGRATULATION!!!! Scott photo 10-15-13