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The incredible story of "ACE"

"Ace" was born l0/l0/07 and was your normal small puppy. But at the age of 5 weeks he was being weaned and he kept getting constipated. He would then not eat so after much consideration he had surgery to see if their was a blockage at 8 weeks. He survived the surgery, their was no blockage and he was only l pound. One vet said he should be put down, but I took him home and continued to take care of him.I made a trip to the vet every day till the weekend and then he was in the emergency hospital since he had gotten so weak. My vet Dr.Metry knew I wanted to get to the bottom of this since I'm a breeder so she continued to do everything she could for him but we were at a crossroad with him.  She said to continue to feed him with syringes since he would not eat on his own. So I did .He was not able to go to his new home for Christmas as he was not yet well enough to leave. He then was only l.0l pounds!!!!!! 

"ACE" at 6 weeks I'm eternally grateful for the privileged to nurture this God given creature !!!

"ACE" at 2 months not doing well.

"My little dog-a heart beat @ my feet". Edith Wharton

"ACE" at 3 months old

"My goal in life is to become as wonderful as my dog thinks I am." Toby & Eileen Green

"As for Me & My dogs, I will be the old lady in a shoe with l0l Shih Tzus!!! Dianne Patten

This photo of "Ace" won "Best of 2009 Photography Anthology" "Ace" turned two in Oct. But enjoy the video from his lst Birthday.  put "The Incredible Story of "Ace" a Shih Tzu 2 pounds 5 ounces (in the search box) and Enjoy this video slide show.
   Fantastic photo video! This breeder is as true as her words in this video, and I have a feeling ONLY Dianne could have done this great deed! Congratulations Ace--and Dianne!
Cece Whittaker
I'm so proud of you Dianne....ACE is ONE!!  The video says it all, he is
the cutest little thing I've ever seen.  And I bet the love he has for you
is unmeasurable and thanks you everyday. Nicole

Momma Selene:
Happy Birthday Ace, you little rascal! Your sweater will be ready soon - turquoise and black, just as ordered by Dianne, who loves you so! Because of her loving care, you've grown into a little scamp with eyes like a Casanova! May your life be long and healthy, and filled with love. I've held you, and your little face just made me melt and laugh! Dianne, you have to put the toilet paper picture in this video! What a character!
My love to you both, & Suki too,

"For it is by muteness that a dog becomes for one so utterly beyond value;with him one is at peace where words play no torturing tricks. When he just sits loving and knows that he is being loved, those are the moments that I think are precious to a dog;when,with his adoring soul coming through his eyes, he feels that you are really thinking of him." John Galsworthy

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"How do you like my new sweater Mamma Selene made me?" Jan 2009

"A dog is the only thing on earth that LOVES YOU more than he loves himself." Josh Billings

"Hershey Kiss" & "Ace" had a toilet paper party.Well, what can I say I left the room after cleaning and forgot to pick up the toilet paper! When I picked up "Ace" he was literally wrapped in the toilet paper with his favorite bear toy! "Hershey Kiss" said "I'm out of here!"

"Dogs are not our WHOLE LIFE but they make our LIFE WHOLE." Roger Caras

"ACE"" could hardly lift his head, and all I could do was cry everytime I went in to feed him.  He continued to grow weaker as the days passed until I contacted my holistic vet Dr.Roger DeHaan whom I've known for l0 yrs. And he got all the tests results and put him on a diet that I was to feed him every two hours for two weeks. It consisted of l cup water,2T yogurt,lt honey,1T raw liver.& l egg yolk.Collidel Silver( eliminate viruses,& an antibiotic), paud'arco(strengthens the immune system) , Vit.C & Slippery Elm. I would blend it up and that was his liquid diet for 2 wks. I made a fresh batch every 2 days. After two weeks some improvement, so Dr.DeHaan said to add chlorophyll(immune builder,natural blood-cleansing,& strengthens cells) to his diet and do it another week,a total of 3 weeks.So that is what I did. I set the  alarm  every two hours. By the third week he was getting up running and biting,wiggling his tail,and giving me kisses.Oh I was so happy to see the change!!! As he looks up at me with those big eyes he says, "Oh how I love You and Thank You for taking such good care of me!" 
edit editbutton_text_2

A dog is the only thing on earth that LOVES YOU more than he loves himself. Josh Billings

 "Hershey Kiss" who is our future mom and only 7 months old, was a great contributing factor in "Ace's" life.  She was babysitter, and therapist for him. He would much rather sit and watch, but she would play with him and I continued to tell her.  "Now 'Hershey' Be Gentle with 'Ace'!"  It didn't take her long to learn that. Then she would make "Ace" move around and get some exercise as they would play tug a war with their toys.When you look at "Ace" you can't do anything but smile. He is so tiny, his nose is l/4" and his ears stick out instead of down.  His tail is bald except for the end which makes him look like he has a poodle hair cut ready for the show ring.   At 2 months he weighed l.02 pounds. Now, I feed him four times a day and he weighs l.04 pounds at 3 months. At 7 months he weighed l.l4 pounds, at ONE YEAR he weighed 2.50 pounds, and at TWO YEARS he now weighs 3.0l pounds!!!!!!!!  They call him the miracle dog, I sure agree with that!!!!

You can go to VIDEOS to see "ACE"!!

Be comforted little dog, tho too in the resurrection shall have a Golden Tail." Martin Luther

Photo of "Ace" 8/09

"A dog is like an ETERNAL Peter Pan, a child who never grows old and who therefore is ALWAYS available to LOVE & be LOVED" Aaron Katcher

"ACE" is 6 yrs old Oct 2013 Our miracle dog!

A Special Thank you to:  Dr.Margaret Metry, Dr.Roger DeHaan, Alisa C, Rhonda W, JoAnn R, Jana P, Rhonda M,Cece W,Kathy W, Sandy McD, Susan G, and Richmond Grace Fellowship for being a part of "Ace's" story.

"Yes, the love of a dog, this very special dog "Ace" has made me smile and given me a joy no other dog has reached within my soul."  Dianne Patten 

"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, YOUR DOG. You are HIS LIFE, HIS LOVE, HIS LEADER. He will be yours, faithful and true to the last beat of his heart.  You owe it to him to be worthy of such DEVOTION." Marcus Tullius Cicero

Well, "Ace's" hair is coming back with the help of a digestive enzyme. It has also helped with his weight. He now l.06 He is flying around, getting into everything.  Any toy is fine with him as long as he can get it in his mouth.He is playing &  biting "Hershey Kiss"  and trying to keep up with his brother "CinnaMan" . 

A change of events has taken place as "Ace" had the bile test done and he has "liver shunt" so he is staying here. He has been enjoying the three puppies that are going to Ohio June lst. "Iso", "Arthur", & "Sassy" .  It is wonderful as he was not able to play with his litter mates since he was so sick. So each day is a joy with him and will continue to be!

When people come to see the pups in the nursery, "Ace" gets to run around and is a hit, everyone loves him. He certainly brings a smile to their faces.

"Heaven goes by favor. If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in." Mark Twain

View this montage created at One True Media
My Montage 1/24/09

Click here to see the movie of "Ace". He is over l yr old and NOW weighs 2 lbs 10 ounces.  He acts like any normal dog. Enjoy!

"Ace" turned 2 in Oct, and has gotten an extra spirt of energy and character along with some more weight.  He is now 3 lbs. Also an amazing thing has happend with his cataracts in his eyes, he now doesn't have them! Wow..

 He watches "Hershey Kiss" and "Lily" fly around the coffee table and decides he is going to join in and I am holding my breath that he doesn't get run over! He is the official greeter when someone comes to the door as he can goes thru the baby gates, which is too funny to see him do that! All the dogs knows he's the King, so he can do whatever he wants.

Now he has his match, a new addition to Dianne's Little Paws. Her name is "Fancy Lady Bug" just l2 weeks old (Dec 8, 2009) I have a video of the two playing which I have on my home page.  It is up on You Tube and my facebook titled "The Incredible "Ace" & "Fancy Lady Bug"

 He is certainly our miracle dog, in many ways.  His cute face with his tongue out with anticipation of "Pick me up, feed me, play with me."  He continues to make me smile when no one else can. He's in my heart forever! 

"Ace" has been flying around more and I weighed him 3/10 and he is 3.05 so for sure he is getting too chubby as he can hardly fit thru the baby gates anymore, so he will just have to go on a diet! Is that too funny or what.

There are special dogs that come into your heart , and "Ace" is that one .

"Ace" is still 3.05 lbs and he is 4 l/2 and will be 5 yrs old Oct. 10,2012


Here is "Ace"  King of this house as you can see. His pillow!!!! Dec. 09 photo 

"If you want to LIFT yourself up. LIFT up SOMEONE ELSE" Booker T. Washington

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