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MaxWell on home page.  


DO NOT BUY FROM ON FACEBOOK:   shih tzu puppies for sale.   THEY ARE A SCAM

THEY START OUT WITH A $450.00  PUPPY AND GUESS HOW MUCH THEY ENDED UP BEING. $2,575.00    they will ask you to pay health insurance(because authorities will not let puppy through) on puppy, then they will add more money for breakdowns????, yes, and then the virus wash.......yep BEWARE PLEASE....NOT WORTH IT TO DISAPPOINT YOUR LOVE ONES FOR CHRISTMAS THIS YEAR 2021   Also this phone no.   is the connection  678-486-7141   








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We are located in Richmond,VA.  ... email US @......DiannesLittlePaws@gmail.com



Below are our Delightful Mommas & Papaws and the colors we produce.We are AKC inspected & approved. That is different than just displaying the AKC emblem on a web site. We are not a backyard breeder by being ispected by AKC. 

Our size ranges from 5-11 lbs  & (some tea cup size). Their temperaments are the sweetest ever.  There are no shortcuts in being a good breeder. We feed them the best food along with vitamins and herbs to ensure their optimum health.Our dogs are all inside not in a kennel. They have their first shot and are socialized before they go to their new loving home.We strive to produce quality AKC pure bred puppies with a 5 yr. health guarantee.I've been a breeder for 48 yrs ( 1973) and my Shih Tzus are the love of my life.We work very hard to get YOU just what you want!!! I know you will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Our Little Paws!!!   Dianne


 "Annie's" son "George"                                                           


 Dianne's Little Paws PHOTO C.D.Patten

All Rights reserved 2021-2027


"I LOVE ,LOVE, LOVE PUPPIES!!!" "Do what you LOVE, LOVE what you do!!"

"Sparkle's" son "Charlie" Smiling!!!

The Greeters! "Sugar Plum Lily" & "Prince Coco" (back) "Ginger","Dolly", "Sparkles", & "Annie" (front)

"Proud Momma's"

Dianne's Sweet Dream'n "DOLLY" USA~ (9.11 lbs)~ Pedigree includes: Rich's,RCA,Hallmark, Sukara & 23 Champions.


Dianne's Lil Fireball Ginger Lady USA ~ 8.0 lbs ~ NON FADING RED Sweet and Sassy, Sakura Roji"Flash" O'Southwyck, Ch.Seminole Crimson Red Dream, Bigbell's Play to Win,Karyon TexasChili Pepper,White's King's Ranson

"Ginger Lady"

OCT. PUPPIES DUE ~Dianne's Sparkling White Diamond Girl,USA" 10 lbs~Pedigree~ Sweet Tooth, Twana,Dar-She

"Sparkles" & "Charlie"

OCT PUPPIES DUE: Dianne's Lil "Gracie" Precious Gem,USA~Pedigree: Dynasty,Whites,Empress,Baker,Charmer~ 9 lbs

Dianne's Lady Paws "GODIVA", USA ~ 12 yrs old ...now she is 14 yrs old in 2018

"Dianne's Awesome Sugar Plum Lily, USA" 9 lbs SJ Keepsake, Empress, Whites, Karyon, Shawdowfax & Sakara's

"Sugar Plum Lily"

Dianne's Little Chocolate Lord "Maxwell", USA ~Our Imperial Stud~pedigree includes: Rich's, Balogh, Sweet N Sassy,Beers, Chappels

Liver & white Imperial~ (7.09) RETIRED~ Dianne's Lil Sugar & Spice "Annie" USA~ Pedigree includes: Sweet And Sassy,Misty Dajavue's, Sukura, Rojacky,Rich's & Balogh's to name a few. Chocolate carrier.


OCT. PUPPIES DUE: Dianne's Lil Choc Cherry "Abigail", USA, Frosted chocolate 7.5 lbs~Pedigree: Beachbum,Yoshi,Balogh, Han Shu,Twa-Nas,Sugarpaws,Malay,& Newtonhills


Dianne's "SheriAnnie" from Precious Gems ~ 7.5lbs~Pedigree includes: Sv's,Dynasty,Empress,Hilltop


OUR IMPERIAL STUD~"Dianne's Little Black Rock'n Rocky,USA" ~7.5 lbs~DNA#V783398~Pedigree:Sweet N Sassy,Beers,Balogh,Kung Fu,Chappel,Lor Ells~chocolate carrier


Dianne's Little Mr. "CinnaMan" USA~ Our past STUD Retired. Red Liver. He is the son of our PAST STUD RETIRED~ "Dianne's Chocolate " Coco Bear" USA

"CinnaMan"***************OUR RETIRED DOGS*************

Dianne's Lil Bity Incredible "Ace" 3 lbs~see our story "The Incredible story of "Ace"


Dianne's Chocolate "Coco Bear" USA~ He is the sire of "CinnaMan" both retired.

"CoCo Bear"

Dianne's Sweet "Blossom" USA ~Retired


Dianne's Little Fancy Lady Bug, USA ~RETIRED~ 8 bs Mahogany & white . Pedigree includes: Seng Fu , Xeralane, Glory Ridge, White's , Ming Dynasty, Southwyck, Chong Tang, & Sa Lu Se to name a few.Chocolate carrier.


Dianne's Ray of " SunShine"USA~ Retired solid red/gold

This site is C2015 D.Patten All Rights Reserved"SunShine"

Dianne's Little Hotrod "Teddy" USA~ Our 2nd STUD. Retired and owned by Darlene.

Miracle "Teddy"

Dianne's Lily~ Retired C-2016-2025 D.Patten All Rights Reserved on this page and my entire web site