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Thank you for visiting us:   We are NOW retired selling puppies:....



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 *** SEE US ON FACEBOOK***~ DIANNE M. PATTEN (send us a friend request) and then PM for more information about OUR STUD SERVICE or email us.  DiannesLittlePaws@gmail.com



We are located in Richmond,VA.  ... email US @......DiannesLittlePaws@gmail.com



Below are our Delightful Mommas & Papaws and the colors we produce.We are AKC inspected & approved. That is different than just displaying the AKC emblem on a web site. We are not a backyard breeder by being ispected by AKC. 

Our size ranges from 5-11 lbs  & (some tea cup size). Their temperaments are the sweetest ever.  There are no shortcuts in being a good breeder. We feed them the best food along with vitamins and herbs to ensure their optimum health.Our dogs are all inside not in a kennel. They have their first shot and are socialized before they go to their new loving home.We strive to produce quality AKC pure bred puppies with a 5 yr. health guarantee.I've been a breeder for 46 yrs ( 1973) and my Shih Tzus are the love of my life.We work very hard to get YOU just what you want!!! I know you will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Our Little Paws!!!   Dianne


 "Annie's" son "George"                                                           


 Dianne's Little Paws PHOTO C.D.Patten

All Rights reserved 2016-2025


"I LOVE ,LOVE, LOVE PUPPIES!!!" "Do what you LOVE, LOVE what you do!!"

"Sparkle's" son "Charlie" Smiling!!!

The Greeters! "Sugar Plum Lily" & "Prince Coco" (back) "Ginger","Dolly", "Sparkles", & "Annie" (front)

"Proud Momma's"

Dianne's Sweet Dream'n "DOLLY" USA~ (9.11 lbs)~ Pedigree includes: Rich's,RCA,Hallmark, Sukara & 23 Champions.


Dianne's Lil Fireball Ginger Lady USA ~ 8.0 lbs ~ NON FADING RED Sweet and Sassy, Sakura Roji"Flash" O'Southwyck, Ch.Seminole Crimson Red Dream, Bigbell's Play to Win,Karyon TexasChili Pepper,White's King's Ranson

"Ginger Lady"

OCT. PUPPIES DUE ~Dianne's Sparkling White Diamond Girl,USA" 10 lbs~Pedigree~ Sweet Tooth, Twana,Dar-She

"Sparkles" & "Charlie"

OCT PUPPIES DUE: Dianne's Lil "Gracie" Precious Gem,USA~Pedigree: Dynasty,Whites,Empress,Baker,Charmer~ 9 lbs

Dianne's Lady Paws "GODIVA", USA ~ 12 yrs old ...now she is 14 yrs old in 2018

"Dianne's Awesome Sugar Plum Lily, USA" 9 lbs SJ Keepsake, Empress, Whites, Karyon, Shawdowfax & Sakara's

"Sugar Plum Lily"

Dianne's Little Chocolate Lord "Maxwell", USA ~Our Imperial Stud~pedigree includes: Rich's, Balogh, Sweet N Sassy,Beers, Chappels

Liver & white Imperial~ (7.09) RETIRED~ Dianne's Lil Sugar & Spice "Annie" USA~ Pedigree includes: Sweet And Sassy,Misty Dajavue's, Sukura, Rojacky,Rich's & Balogh's to name a few. Chocolate carrier.


OCT. PUPPIES DUE: Dianne's Lil Choc Cherry "Abigail", USA, Frosted chocolate 7.5 lbs~Pedigree: Beachbum,Yoshi,Balogh, Han Shu,Twa-Nas,Sugarpaws,Malay,& Newtonhills


Dianne's "SheriAnnie" from Precious Gems ~ 7.5lbs~Pedigree includes: Sv's,Dynasty,Empress,Hilltop


OUR IMPERIAL STUD~"Dianne's Little Black Rock'n Rocky,USA" ~7.5 lbs~DNA#V783398~Pedigree:Sweet N Sassy,Beers,Balogh,Kung Fu,Chappel,Lor Ells~chocolate carrier


Dianne's Little Mr. "CinnaMan" USA~ Our past STUD Retired. Red Liver. He is the son of our PAST STUD RETIRED~ "Dianne's Chocolate " Coco Bear" USA

"CinnaMan"***************OUR RETIRED DOGS*************

Dianne's Lil Bity Incredible "Ace" 3 lbs~see our story "The Incredible story of "Ace"


Dianne's Chocolate "Coco Bear" USA~ He is the sire of "CinnaMan" both retired.

"CoCo Bear"

Dianne's Sweet "Blossom" USA ~Retired


Dianne's Little Fancy Lady Bug, USA ~RETIRED~ 8 bs Mahogany & white . Pedigree includes: Seng Fu , Xeralane, Glory Ridge, White's , Ming Dynasty, Southwyck, Chong Tang, & Sa Lu Se to name a few.Chocolate carrier.


Dianne's Ray of " SunShine"USA~ Retired solid red/gold

This site is C2015 D.Patten All Rights Reserved"SunShine"

Dianne's Little Hotrod "Teddy" USA~ Our 2nd STUD. Retired and owned by Darlene.

Miracle "Teddy"

Dianne's Lily~ Retired C-2016-2025 D.Patten All Rights Reserved on this page and my entire web site