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When your puppy leaves, you can continue to enjoy him or her by sticking to some rules that you set up.  Don't pick them up when they are winning,that will cause them to bark all the time for attention. When you come home put up your groceries and then see your little one.  Don't say "No" all the time These babies are very intelligent  so be sure sure  to say "No Biting!" Also during the night take them outside or play with them so then they will go to sleep.  Do NOT get up during the night  as they will EXPECT it forever, remember they are very smart.  Try not to give them treats until they are 6 months old so they are on a good routein for their food so it developes their organs for life. It is better to give them an all natural dog food since the preservatives and chemicals create Cancer and Tumors down the road.BHT

 All Meat By Products(dead animals) are the worst.aLL NATURAL food is best because of this. See my guarantee for list of foods. 

When People come into your house, have them clorox their shoes or take them off.  It prevents diseases.

When you take them to the vet do not let them walk, carry them and when weight ask for a paper towel underneath them.  Do nohave your baby touch noses to noses because they pass on diseases that way.

When you spayed or neutor your animal, use inhalation anethesia because it will regualte it and you won't lose your baby! 

PRODUCTS RECOMMENDED: To get hairs out of ears use R-7 Purchase thru Revival Animal Health 1/800/786-4751

Shampoo: Natures Specialties  Plum Silky 1/877/274-3992

Eye stain use Eye Envy NR =1/866-393-3689

Bows  Show Off  l/951-680-0680


l) Do not have puppies get into diapers/raw hide bones, because they will block their intestines and they can die, and being a puppy they just can't treat them. 

 2) Do you cover unbilical hernias, or pinched nostrils in your guarantee? NO because  they are cosmetic and not life threatening. 

3)What is insulation anethesia?It is an anethesia that makes it possible to regulate the anethesia so you do NOT lose a pet!!!

4)Did you know that nutrition makes up to 75% of the dogs health & 25% is heredity.So make sure you

5)Are they hard to potty train?It takes time and these dogs are stuborne so you need to know that you will win.  Like children in diapers, its some kids longer to be potty trained that it does for others.Their bladders aren't mature enough. 

6) Do they get along with children . They love children and other animals, just show them to the new family and do NOT keep them away as they will then be jealous!. 

7) What about biting?Be sure and get them nylabones that are NOT edible, and cow hoofs, they really are the only two that I recommend.  Rawhide is the worst with pigs ears because they clog or stop up the intestines and you can lose a puppy to them.When they start biting your fingers, put in their mouth a toy so they associate that with chewing.  Remember they are getting their adult teeth.

8) What about Renal Dysplasia?It is the failure of normal development of the kidneys.  It is a genetic diseae that happens when two genes one dominant and one recessive must simultaneously be present.  Once a breeder finds out a puppy has that in her line she should eliminate that dog as breed female.

9)Do you need to worm your dogs? First take a  stool sample to your vet have them check for worms.Do not let the vetsAUTOMATICALLY worm your dog before test is done first.  It is too much for a puppy to have the shot medicine plus worming medicine  at the same time. Some dogs are very sensitive.

10)When should we get teeth cleaned? When your Vet recommends it for YOUR dog. Healthy teeth also helps the Kidneys function better.Helps avoid kidney failure. Nutro Natural Choice Large breed puppy/rice & lamb formula is best one I've found.

11)Wet or Dry food? Dry is better for their teeth .Use dry food for snacks also, it is a treat for your dog to be hand feed! STAY AWAY FROM MEAT BY PRODUCTS(DEAD ANIMALS ADDED TO DOG FOODS)

12)Water is very important! Did you know how much bacteria is in the water when they go back and forth drinking all day plus if you have more than one it is worse with bacteria growing. That's why your bowl has yellow film. Clean it out often,every day with Dawn dish soap.  It also causes the stain on those pretty faces of white hair. 

13)Raspbery herb for pregnant dogs is the best thing to strengthen the uterine walls which then makes delivery for the pups much easier.  This herb contains vits, Vit C being very important , it also contains minerals  which helps makes the colostrum better that first 24 hours. You also will notice a reduction of the mothers bleeding after the pups have arrived.    

14)For any kind of skin problems I recommend Missing Link

15)BEWARD OF GROOMERS PLEASE  I have had two dogs lost to goomers neglect. One puppy was given  an anethesia to cut the puppy because it was difficult. Have references please, or just sit and stay with your baby.


DR.Roger DeHaan located in NC. 704/734-006l M-F9-2

Questions on web  

Supplements Missing Link or Vit.(Doc Roys Daily Care) or pet dishes and more  1800/786-4751



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