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I have received my AKC purebred puppy & AKC papers for breeding rights:   (date)______________Price: $3,500.00_____$4,500.00 (solid chocolate / chocolate & white)_________   or Trade____

Your puppy when registered with AKC will have my kennel name first (Dianne’s Little Paws)  to verify future quality when other breeders are looking at pedigrees. 


Call Name of Puppy   ___________________


Sire: _________________________________


He or She has had their first vaccine at 7 wks old at Dianne’s Little Paws

He or She has been seen by my vet with the removal of dew claws.  My vet has also checked them for good health.


A health well check up  is required within 72 hours of receiving your puppy.  That also includes a fecal. Do not let the vet worm your puppy unless the fecal shows that it is positive. 


Dianne’s Little Paws has a 5 yr. guarantee: IF….

l) Food for your puppy:   Nutro Puppy ~ Nature’s Choice, chicken,rice & Oatmeal, or foods listed on my web site.

2)If you decide NOT to keep  your  puppy I should be contacted first to buy him or her back.

3)These are not covered in your guarantee :Pinched nostrils,umbilical hernias or inguinal hernias, &  cherry eye.

4)No two shots at same visit, or one shot and worming at one visit.Three weeks apart for each vaccine.    

5)If an unexpected death occurs , an autopsy with vets signature is needed for replacement(next litter).NO CASH REFUNDS.

6)No guarantee of color as we know they can change.


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Address         _______________________ City___________________

State              _______________________ email:_________________

Web Site        _______________________



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