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We at LITTLE PAWS guarantee your puppy or kitten for five years from any genetically related issues that causes death.For puppies, tight nostrils or umbilical hernias are NOT covered since they are cosmetic and not life threatening.We can not guarantee color or size.  Your puppy/kitten will be replaced only, NO CASH REFUNDS and you must present a certificate of death from your vet(signature on their stationary) which says explicity that the cause was related to an identified heredity condition.No vet expenses or airline expenses will be reimbursed.


Since nutrition is 75% of the health of the puppy/kitten we offer several foods that do not contain meat by products or preservatives & have been tested. 

Nutro Natural Choice Puppy/wholesome essentials,chicken,whole br. rice,& oatmeal,OR Nutro Natural Choice Puppy/ Small Breed,chicken, whole br.rice & oatmeal.

Nutro Natural Choice Puppy/Lamb meal & Rice 

Nutro ULTRA  ALL NATURAL /CHICKEN BASE....puppy - Adult  ********* Best recommendation!!!.  




Nutro Natural Choice Adult~Small Breed/wholesome essentials, chicken,whole br.rice & oatmeal

Nutro Natural Choice Adult~Small Bites/ Lamb meal & Rice


For Allergies,  Nutro Natural Choice  Adult~ Grain Free Venison Meal & potato

Nutro Natural Choice Adult~Grain Free Lamb Meal & potato. 









PUPPIES:  Tea Cup ( 5 & under)  ~Imperial size (5-8 lbs)   ~ Standard size (8-11 lbs) ~ Solid Chocolates   =$1,950.00 Breeders Full AKC breeding rights $3,500. male or female. If chocolate,  chocolate & white ,or solid white breeding rights are $4,500.  



Deposits  of $200.00 with the application for the waiting list for future litters. We accepted Pay Pal (go under Personal), CHECK or money  order.  Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE  .When puppies are born $100 is applied to to sale of your puppy, and an additional amount is added to make it  half of the total price(due when puppies are born).If you change your mind and do not want the puppy, or buy from another breeder, then your deposit of $200.00 is non refundable.  

If after the deposit has been made and an unknown situation comes up and you can not purchase the puppy or kitten, the deposit will ONLY BE APPLIED to the next litter. One year from date of deposit or you will lose your deposit.  NO CASH REFUNDS.

Balance is to be paid by 6 weeks old. Email us for our address.   


Your new bundle of joy has been taken care of from the inside -out.We know that nutrition in your puppy/kitten is now 75% of their makeup. So we put our moms on special diets and socialize your baby  since they are home raised.  They are not afraid of dogs/or cats since they are introduced at a young age. So do not bring your new one into an environment where there is an agressive pet. All these little babies have know is LOVE!!!!!

Before your puppy/kitten get all of their series of shots, they are not to be nose to nose with other pets  to pick up diseases.Do not take them for walks or in the park until all their shots have been given.    When you take them to the vet to get their shots, bring a towel and set them on the towel.  Do not let them walk on the vets floor to pick up diseases.  Also have people come into your house, please ask them to take off their shoes and wash their hands before they play with your NEW puppy/kitten  Once they have gotten all their shots they will have more freedom and you will be worry free. 

I have references from past puppies/kittens if you would like. I have never had a puppy or kitten returned and none of them have had worms.

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